Be a part of something great today. Do something kind for someone. A stranger. A friend. A neighbor. Go on. I dare you!

I was recently having a bad day and a complete stranger totally turned it around with a few kind words. She complimented me and really made me feel good about myself. It really got me thinking about paying it forward.

Paying it forward is insanely simple.

Step 1 //

Do something kind for another person. Ideally, someone you don't know.

Pay the toll for the person behind you. Buy a random stranger's coffee at Starbucks. Tell someone your love them, and why you love them. Compliment someone's hard work. But do it with sincerity and intention.

It is truly amazing what 50 cents or a simple smile can do to lift a person up.

Step 2 //

Pass it on! Go on, spread the love. Let's make this BIG!

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Step 3 // 

Don't forget to give thanks for all the wonderful things and people in your life. Every single one of us has something to be grateful for.

My favorite way to pay it forward is having the opportunity to thank someone who has helped me by telling their boss what a great job they have done. It's easy to complain about bad service. Shouldn't it be just as easy to report good service too? That's something my Dad always taught me.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this post inspires you to do something amazingly kind today.

PS - Tell me about your random acts of kindness!


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