Top 5 : Sydney, Australia

G'day mates! Today I'm throwin' back to our Australian vacay. You've probably heard of the Opera House, the Rocks, the Harbour; but what about these lesser considered activities in Sydney?

1) Buy a Didgeridoo

Why? Because they are works of art, and a great conversation starter for your living room. Hell, maybe with a little practice on circular breathing, you can even learn to play it like this fella.

I won't upload a video of me and E attempting to play ours, but trust me when I say, it's not nearly as easy as it looks.

They range vastly in size and price. Most are hand carved/painted and just beautiful. After 2 full afternoons of hunting and picking (much to E's chagrin), here's the one we landed on.

Most art galleries will ship them to you anywhere in the world saving you from trying to figure out how to wrangle it on to the plane.

2) Take an Aboriginal Walkabout

This one might require a little journey outside of Sydney, but it's well worth it. We booked an amazing and very authentic walkabout through an interesting Aboriginal guide.

I posted a load of photos from our Walkabout here.

The walkabout was traditionally a rite of passage undertaken by adolescent Aboriginals where they would live in the wilderness for long periods of time, navigating mainly by the songlines (songs depicting practical knowledge) passed down from their ancestors.

This activity is not for the weak of breath or endurance. It's no joke!

It was a full day of hiking in sometimes rough terrain. But with views of rarely seen waterfalls and 13,000 year old handprints, who can complain?

3) Cuddle a Koala

This was HIGH on my priority list. As you know from my trip to Kruger, I'm NOT a fan of zoos.

There is an amazing wildlife sanctuary just North of Sydney where they rehabilitate native Australian animals.

In a single visit I cuddled Koalas, tickled Kangaroos and hugged Dingos...and um, got bit by a Wombat. Don't worry I survived unscathed.

Well, physically anyway.

Be sure to leave these wonderful folks a hefty donation to help support the cause and allow the wombats to continue terrorizing fur-loving tourists.

4) Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge 

Okay so maybe this is in the guide books, but for those of you who might need a nudge, I thought I'd include it. It was the highlight of our trip.

And the look on E's face when we got stuck at the very top, standing on a narrow walkway above 10 lanes of traffic...priceless.

You honestly cannot get a better view of Sydney. (You're not allowed to bring your camera up, so these next two were taken by our lovely guide.)

And where else can you don one of these highly fashionable jumpsuits?

5) Ring in the New Year on the Harbour 

Be among the first in the world (behind Samoa and New Zealand) to ring in the New Year.

Sydney does a fireworks display on the Harbour Bridge that is second to none. New Yorker's don't hate me!

Book it well in advance and make sure the boat you're on is included in the Harbour parade to get the best views during the show.

And if you can drag yourself out of bed the next morning, the famous Bondi Beach is a great place to detox and people watch. There's nothing a bit of sun, sand and surf can't cure right?