We've yet to get little man to try the wonders of the maki roll, but alas, we continue to try. Okay, maybe we dine here more for us than him. Our pick for the best sushi in Atlanta? Sushi Nami.

There are a few sushi places in Atlanta that get a bit of hype. Ra, for example. But I'm not a huge fan. Sure, the atmosphere is jazzy and all, but the menu is covered in 'crab stick'.

I like a sushi place where crab stick is not easily found on the menu and any strange misspelling of the word crab (e.g. krab) is just as scarce.


Sushi Nami

. A modest, minimalist little sushi place with a conversely large menu of sushi and non-sushi Japanese specialties.

Please excuse the grainy iPhone photos (photo above from Sushi Nami).

We love our 'usuals' so much that we kind of rarely venture outside of the same couple of things. Hey, "if it ain't broke..."

E has the Volcano roll. Far to spicy for me. It comes piled high with all sorts of spicy stuff.

I have the Heated Salmon. Piled high with non-spicy stuff.

And the pièce de résistance;

we share the Rasta Lobster. A maki roll with huge chunks of lobster plainly topped with creme fraiche and smoked in a mysteriously little clay pot over cedar chips.

We let our's marinate for a while before opening it.

Our hopes of getting little man to try sushi was an epic fail this time and ended with him dunking raisins into his teriyaki sauce. At least he was dainty about it with his pinky held high.

We will persevere!

What's the most mature thing your +1 will eat? (and share your secrets!)