I loooove my new camera. I took it around the house and neighborhood to give it a test run.

Of course, Chewie had to make an appearance.

Beautiful cherry blossoms down the street.

This camera

is a bad-ass mo-fo, yo!

E has an old Sony Cybershot that, even with a scratched up display, takes quality photos. I knew a Sony was the right choice when it was time to upgrade; so glad I did too.

I had been working with some non-blog-worthy cameras;

check out the past 30 years of my camera usage



RX100 M II

has some fun features like wi-fi, blurred background settings, and a tilt display. Can you tell I'm in love?

I already have about a


shots of Little Man. He requires a large sum in exchange for public release of his likeness though.

What did you love about this week?