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Wikipedia definition

: a vacation taken by a couple either soon before, or soon after, the birth of their baby.

My definition

: an opportunity to stay out late, get drunk, act like teenagers and sleep in as long as possible while leaving child in the capable hands of a family member.

Okay so maybe I'll get drunk and pass out before 12am.

And yeah, I struggle to sleep in past 8am these days.

Screw it; this is just a great opportunity to do whatever we want for 4 days without planning everything around nap time, Mr Manky (little man's sidekick monkey), and meals cut into tiny chunks.

I really truly believe that spending one-on-one time with your other half, sans-child(ren), is key to staying sane and keeping a marriage healthy.  Baby-mooning, date nights out, date nights in, whatever you want to do, as long as you focus on quality time with each other.

Little man is still at that age where he won't remember much about the places we take him too.  We've got a looong list of places to go as a family, but first up this year is a little time to ourselves.

We've got a window of 4-5 days when my parents have graciously offered to housesit, babysit, and dogsit for us.  Aren't parents wonderful?!  Where to go...   Could we possibly top our honeymoon to


?  Or our family holiday to

St. Lucia



article from the Huffington Post Travel

 on Babymoon destinations is really getting the gears turning.

I'm not gonna lie.  Even on my shortest breaks from little man I think about him all the time.  But I think these breaks every once and a while are not only good for the soul, but they make us better parents.

What do you do for your 'adult time' together?  Keep it PG folks!  :o)